$8 Expedited Shipping 14 Days DOA Guaranteed (DOA will not cover if       temp below 40F and over 80F)

$15 Expedited Shipping-Hold for pickup (Pickup from your Local Post     Office) With insulation. 14 Days DOA Guaranteed

$15 Expedited Shipping-With insulation. 14 Days DOA Guaranteed

If anything happened to your order, customer have to contact us within 2 hours after the order was delivered.  


Items are shipped from CA. Most packages are shipped the next business day. In times of extreme Temperatures (Very Cold or Very Hot) Shipping may be delayed until the Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday after you place your order so that the order does not get stuck sitting in a postal vehicle over the weekend. 

Typical Shipping Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday.


Dead-On-Arrival Guarantee

In the extremely rare event that plants arrive dead or melted, we offer a DOA Guarantee on USPS PRIORITY ORDERS if picture of plants are sent to us within Two Hours of delivery time. We are not responsible if the items are left in the elements longer than that. You will receive replacement plants or a refund. We take care of our customers and your happy experience is our number one priority.